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Guizhou Liquor Global Tour (Singapore Stop) – Moutai Night Welcome Banquet

On May 13, the “Guizhou Liquor Global Tour (Singapore Stop) – Moutai Night Welcome Banquet,” jointly organized by Guizhou Business (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd, and Chinese Baijiu Association (Singapore), was grandly held at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore.

At the banquet, the presence of distinguished guests added endless excitement and splendor to this special evening. The speeches delivered by the guests on stage were undoubtedly the highlights and the opening acts of the entire banquet. Their profound words and insightful thoughts infused the event with a rich cultural atmosphere and intellectual exchange.

Singapore, as a country of diverse cultures, attracts guests from all over the world with its unique charm. To welcome our distinguished guests from Guizhou, we arranged an extraordinary performance – the traditional Malay dance, Joget. The graceful movements of the dancers and the deep cultural heritage brought the atmosphere to a climax, setting the perfect stage for the banquet. On this night filled with laughter and emotion, we enjoyed beautiful moments together, experiencing the fusion and inclusiveness of cultures. Besides the traditional Malay dance, Joget, we also arranged an impressive Indian dance performance. The elegant movements and passionate expressions of the dancers provided a splendid visual feast!

Another major highlight of the banquet was the presence of Moutai. Amidst laughter and joy, guests savored this fine liquor, engaging in conversations as they drank, pushing the atmosphere of the banquet to its peak. The unique flavor of Moutai, paired with the meticulously prepared delicacies, provided an ultimate sensory enjoyment, making the evening’s discussions even more delightful and uninhibited.

Dr. Zhou Yuyun, Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of China in Singapore
Traditional Malay Dance Joget

At the banquet, our company specially prepared ushers dressed in traditional Miao attire to showcase our love for Guizhou to the guests from Guizhou, making them feel our sincerity and warmth.

Amid the joyous atmosphere, the banquet concluded successfully. Each guest received a gift bag from our company as a memento of this unforgettable evening. We sincerely thank all the distinguished guests for their presence and support, and we hope this banquet becomes a cherished memory for everyone.

Mr. Chan Soo Sen, former Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Community Development and Sports, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore
Ms. Cao Mingfeng, Deputy Mayor of the Zunyi Municipal Government
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