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GuoJiao 1573 from the National Key Cultural Relics Protection units – was built in the year 1573. It has been manufactured at the original site to ensure the consistency of the 1573 group, and by the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage Luzhou old wine Traditional brewing techniques are purely handmade. GuoJiao 1573 is the Chinese liquor appreciation of the standard grade wine, but also the industry’s representative Luzhou-type organic liquor.

Product Details

Brand Introduction:

State pits 1573 from the construction of the Ming Dynasty Wanli years (that is, 1573 AD) “national treasure pits”, using distilled wine brewing process, wine colorless and transparent, pit elegant, Fragrant, typical style. Packaging base with gold five-star decoration, showing the traditional Yuxi shape, the outer box is a large area of ​​the flag is red for the laying of the bottle with crystal glass firing, bottle and the box has a symbol of land area of ​​the five-star 960, “1573” Words to pure gold pressure side.

Available Sizes:

41.5L、 3L、758ml、750ml、580ml、500ml、485ml、375ml、250ml、160ml、100m、50ml

Available Alcohol Contents:

53% vol, 52% vol, 50% vol, 46% vol, 38% vol

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