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Wuliangye overseas tasting event and investor symposium

On May 9th, a delegation of leaders from Wuliangye visited the Wuliangye flagship store in Singapore to explore the brand’s international appeal.

Mr. Charles Oon and Mr. Zhang Xin jointly lifted a ceramic plate adorned with Singaporean landmarks, symbolizing the friendship between Singapore andChina .

Mr. Charles Oon, Managing Director of Singapore China Baijiu Pte., Ltd., welcomed the delegation. Both parties discussed strategies and visions for the brand’s development, gaining a deeper understanding of the brand’s progress in overseas markets. Singapore China Baijiu Pte., Ltd. looks forward to working hand in hand with Wuliangye to create an even more brilliant future!

Deputy General Manager Zhang Xin and his delegation took a group photo with Mr. Charles Oon in front of the Wuliangye flagship store.

After the visit to the Wuliangye flagship store in Singapore, the overseas tasting event and investor symposium that evening became an even more memorable occasion. Guests gathered together to savor the essence of Wuliangye’s thousand-year history and rich culture. At the banquet, Mr. Zhang Xin, Party Committee Member, Vice General Manager, and Board Secretary of Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd., shared with the guests the long history of Wuliangye. He spoke about the inheritance and innovation of the brewing process. Through vivid stories and in-depth explanations, he provided everyone with a deeper understanding of the unique charm of Wuliangye, a national treasure brand.

In addition to the historical legacy, Mr. Zhang Xin also shared baijiu tasting techniques and experiences. He personally demonstrated how to taste different varieties of Wuliangye, evaluating the quality of the liquor based on aspects such as color, aroma, and taste. This was not only a baijiu tasting banquet but also an interactive experience about baijiu culture, allowing each guest to feel as if they were immersed in Wuliangye’s brewing workshop, experiencing the craftsmanship and tradition firsthand.

As the evening banquet drew to a close amidst laughter and joy, the spirit of Wuliangye left a profound impression on everyone’s hearts. At this moment transcending borders, the friendship between Wuliangye and Singapore reached a new level of elevation. The future cooperation promises to be even brighter, paving the way for a more glorious tomorrow together!

A specially customized bronze seal leaves a brand mark on Wuliangye cocktails.
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