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Jiannan Chun Enterprise Introduction


Sichuan Jiannan Chun Group was established  in 1951. It is one of the ten famous brands in Baijiu, Sichuan which is a famous domestic typical representative of  strong aromatic Chinese spirits. It is also famous for its large white wine production base.

Mianzhu Jiannan Chun Baijiu originated in the city of Mianzhu in the Sichuan province, and was named that due to Mianzhu in the Tang dynasty of the Jiannan Dao. Mianzhu city is known as the “Liquor Rural”, and Mianzhu city is known for its production of bamboo liquor. From as early as the Tang Dynasty, according to legend “Jiannan Chun Shao”, ¬†Li Bai would sell furs coats just so that he could drink Baijiu which resulted in him leaving the beautiful story of ‚ÄúSHI JIE JING DIAO and JIE DIAO SHU JIU”.¬†In the northern Song dynasty, Su Shi praised Baijiu as “a liquor that fills the air with a sweet fragrance for up to 3 days”.

The North Sichuan Jiannan Chun Group is a famous large-scale liquor company in China. Located in Mianzhu,–a famous historical and cultural city in the western Sichuan plain and has been a wine production site since ancient times.”MAO Wujian” is synonymous with China’s most famous liquors over the years.

Jiannan Chun has over 1500 years of Baijiu history.The people’s government of Mianzhu has nationalized more than 30 distilleries, including “Zhu Tianyi”, “Yang Hengshun”,” Tai Futong’ and “Tiancheng Xiang” etc. while establishing the “Sichuan Mianzhu state-operated of distillery”on 1st May 1951. On 1984, they officially changed their name to “Sichuan Mianzhu Jiannan Chun Distillery”. They began restructuring in 1994 and founded the Sichuan Jiannan Chun Group in 1996.


The Three “National Treasures” :

First, “China’s top ten archaeological discoveries”, “national key cultural relics protection unit”, was selected to be part of “China’s world cultural heritage list” of ¬†the “Tian Yi Lao Hao” cellar group. It is very large in size and also complete in factors of production and preservation with it also still in use for live cultural relic sites. There are 695 of the ancient cellar pools in the Tian Yi Lao Hao that are still in use to this day.

Second, it is the representative of the country’s Luzhou-flavor liquor and was selected to be part of the national intangible cultural heritage list.

Third, it was the first batch of “Jiannan Chun ” that was selected to be China’s Recognised Brand .

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