2019 Moutai Halloween Night had successfully ended!

[2019 Moutai Halloween Night] had successfully ended! Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd together with Blue Pier Restaurant hosted the “2019 Moutai Halloween Night” which had attracted more than 100 guests. The festive atmosphere was deeply immersed in the party. We were delighted to be able to have joined Blue Pier Restaurant for hosting this event. The fragrant China Moutai baijiu from Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd and the delicious food from Blue Pier Restaurant, were the reasons every guest clearly had an unforgettable Halloween this year! 

To set off the Halloween atmosphere, all the guests specially dressed up for the night. The “Evil” Snow White, Vampire, Clown, Witch and many other characters. Indulge in the Halloween night with all the different characters!

“When East meets West” – it was the perfect representative with China Moutai baijiu, the traditional Chinese alcoholic drink and Halloween, one of western cultures. This surely gave Moutai a different charm. With a glass of Moutai, any Halloween monsters will not dare to go near you! Let’s get high together on this Halloween!

No free candies but we had a lucky draw! Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd sponsored the top prized – 2 bottles of Flying Moutai! Congratulations to the lucky draw winner for winning the top prize awarded by Mr. David Oon, who was representing Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd.This year Halloween we had food, drinks and even prizes!