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Scenery Along the Way

Episode 4 – DT21 Bencoolen

Waterloo Street brings together the architectural expressions of four different religions, and the surrounding cuisine allows people to choose according to their preferences. People of different races and faiths walk side by side or pass each other by. This is a microcosm of Singapore’s openness and inclusivity: the diverse religious and cultural traditions of various ethnicities thrive individually, blending into a colorful and unique landscape.

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Episode 3 – DT20 Fort Canning

Adjacent to the Fort Canning MRT station, Fort Canning Park is an excellent place for leisurely walks and relaxation, while Clarke Quay offers a vibrant nightlife scene. As the newest addition to the Singapore MRT system, the Downtown Line connects more residential areas, providing greater convenience for people’s daily lives and entertainment. This area epitomizes modern leisure living

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Episode 2 – DT19 Chinatown

From full meals to desserts, there are a plethora of culinary delights available in the vicinity of Chinatown, all within a few minutes’ walk of the Pinnacle@Duxton. The Pinnacle@Duxton itself signifies the evolution of the “Home Ownership Scheme”: adapting to the rising living standards of the people, it has transitioned from the goal of providing basic housing to a new mission of offering a high-quality living environment. Modern housing design is intertwined with the vibrancy of the streets and lanes, advocating for a high-quality, sustainable urban lifestyle.

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Episode 1 – DT17 Downtown

Located in the heart of the financial district, Lau Pa Sat seamlessly blends into the surrounding skyscrapers. Initially a market due to its proximity to the shipping port, in 1973, in conjunction with the development of the nearby city, it transformed into a food court while also being designated as a national heritage site. This change not only preserved valuable historical heritage but also revitalized the old architecture in the context of modern societal development. It stands as a witness to the development of the Downtown area, embodying continuity and change.

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