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Singapore Guizhou Association 10th-Anniversary Celebration Dinner

On October 21st, the Singapore Guizhou Association held its 10th-anniversary celebration dinner at Zui Hua Lin. As one of the sponsors, the Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association was honored to be invited. The dinner also had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Zeng Shisheng, former Minister of State of Singapore, and Dr. Zhou Yuyun, Minister-Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore. The Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association sincerely congratulates the Singapore Guizhou Association on reaching its 10th anniversary and wishes it continued prosperity in the future.

The Singapore Guizhou Association was officially registered in Singapore in July 2013. Comprised of Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese originally from Guizhou who reside in Singapore, it serves as a platform for social gatherings and information exchange. This allows members to come together, listen to their hometown dialect, share their experiences of entrepreneurship and struggles abroad, and support each other, facilitating their integration into Singapore’s diverse multicultural society.

During the dinner, Dr. Tang Liang, the President of the Guizhou Association, expressed his gratitude to all the council members, friends of the association, and sponsors for their generous donations and strong support. Guizhou is a region with a rich diversity of ethnic minorities, and by showcasing the cultural aspects of these minorities, they aim to increase awareness and understanding of Guizhou. Additionally, this contributes to the growth of local tourism and business in Guizhou. Dr. Tang Liang, the President, also presented Mr. Charles Oon, the President of the Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association, with the award for the Best Sponsor.

The mission of the Guizhou Association is to “assist Guizhou compatriots living in Singapore and provide services for the exchange between Singapore and Guizhou.” They achieve this by organizing and participating in various community activities, promoting unity and friendship among Guizhou natives and people of various ethnic backgrounds and community groups. They also strive to uphold traditional Chinese culture and strengthen connections between Guizhou natives worldwide and their hometown. Furthermore, they assist new immigrants in settling and thriving in the local community, enabling them to integrate into Singapore’s mainstream society.

This mission aligns well with the goals of the Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association. The Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association places importance on preserving Chinese culture, particularly the significant role that Chinese baijiu plays within it. Chinese baijiu is not just a beverage; it carries a rich history and cultural tradition.

Both organizations share a common interest in promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and Chinese baijiu, contributing to the diversity of Singaporean society, and fostering friendly relations between Guizhou and Singapore.

The Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association has witnessed Moutai’s journey from Guizhou to all of China and from China to the world, gradually breaking boundaries and reaching beyond the Chinese community. The association has taken it upon itself to promote the inheritance and development of liquor culture, telling the Maotai “MEI” culture story and interpreting Moutai’s drinking culture, aesthetic genes, and aesthetic power. They continuously enrich the cultural expression of “MEI” and actively promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese culture and cultures from around the world. In doing so, they play a role in leading Chinese baijiu towards a better presence on the global stage.

2023 “Moutai-Coconut Breeze” Marathon Challenge

The “Moutai Coconut Breeze Marathon Challenge,” sponsored by Singapore China Baijiu, concluded successfully on October 7th. The competition attracted marathon enthusiasts from all age groups, demonstrating high popularity and appeal.

This marathon took place at West Coast Park and featured a half marathon (21KM) race. A total of 150 participants from various ages and backgrounds took part in this half marathon. They came from nearby communities, with different running abilities, and each had their own goals of challenging themselves. The participants diligently warmed up, stretching their leg, arm, and neck muscles to ensure they were fully prepared for the race!

The race began with the energetic and exciting presence of the participants. They were set to traverse the park and sprint toward the finish line of the half marathon. Volunteers for this event were stationed along the race route, offering their wholehearted support and running alongside the participants. Spectators and volunteers cheered on the runners, providing water and food to boost their spirits.

The half marathon proved to be a competition filled with passion and determination, and we eagerly anticipate seeing the participants push their limits and create unforgettable moments. As the day turned into evening, the race had reached its midway point, yet the participants continued to pour their sweat and effort into heading towards the finish line.

The latter half of the marathon proved to be the most challenging part of the race, yet the participants maintained a strong pace and continued to push forward. Their determination and resilience were truly impressive, and they knew that they couldn’t let their guard down.

A marathon is a long-distance race that demands endurance and perseverance. The participants persevered and constantly pushed their limits. After over two hours of intense effort, participants began to cross the finish line one by one.

The awards ceremony took place after the race, where Singapore China Baijiu prepared special medals to honor the outstanding participants. During the celebration, participants exchanged experiences and celebrated their victories.

The “Moutai Coconut Breeze Marathon Challenge” was an event filled with challenges and excitement, and we take pride in its successful organization. In the future, we will continue to work hard to ensure that Chinese Baijiu continues to flourish in the Lion City.

Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass

The Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass was successfully held on September 18th at the Soi Social at Resorts World Sentosa. Senior management from RWS F&B department participated in this masterclass. The tasting event introduced the background of baijiu, the brewing process, and tasting techniques, guiding participants on how to observe the liquor’s color, smell its aroma, taste its flavors, and evaluate the mouthfeel and aftertaste of the liquor. This Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass created an elegant, professional, and enjoyable atmosphere, providing participants with a deep understanding and appreciation of baijiu.

On the long table, exquisite glasses and tasting notes were set up, and the restaurant was filled with the unique aroma of baijiu. Five different types of baijiu were presented one by one, and participants savored them carefully, tasting their rich flavors and aromas, recording their own observations and impressions, and sharing them with each other. This facilitated a deeper understanding of baijiu and increased engagement in the tasting event.

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