2024 Moutai Tasting Dinner – Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd

2024 Moutai Tasting Dinner

On June 27, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd hosted a Moutai tasting dinner at the Orchard Hotel with the theme “Experience the Harmony of Nature and Humanity, Savor the Flavor of Moutai.”

Bartenders meticulously crafted two signature cocktails: the refreshing “Dream of Moutai” and the rich-flavored “Ice Blue Star.” Hostesses dressed in traditional Guizhou Miao costumes warmly welcomed the guests with friendly smiles and professional service, conveying the unique charm of Moutai to every attendee. The display of various Moutai series allowed guests to fully experience the superior quality of Moutai from both visual and taste perspectives.

The dinner was attended by over 70 guests, including industry leaders, senior corporate executives, media representatives, and Moutai experts. Guests raised their glasses frequently, took commemorative photos, and the atmosphere was harmonious and pleasant throughout the evening.

Moutai Series Exhibition Area

A highlight of the dinner was the Moutai tasting session. During the tasting, sommeliers guided guests through the process of observing the color, smelling the aroma, and tasting the flavor of the liquor. Guests carefully observed the color of the liquid, experienced the layers of aroma, and finally took small sips to savor the richness and length of Moutai.

The sommeliers also provided detailed explanations about the history, brewing process, and unique flavors of Moutai. This tasting session not only enhanced everyone’s understanding of Moutai but also allowed guests to appreciate its unique charm and profound culture in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Moutai Tasting Session
Sand Art Performance

Guests gathered in small groups, laughing and chatting enthusiastically. They raised their glasses in celebration, clinked them together, and posed for photos with smiles, holding their Moutai glasses high. The banquet hall was filled with cheerful conversations and laughter, creating a lively and warm atmosphere.

Each guest received a beautifully crafted keepsake—a miniature Moutai bottle keychain. The photos captured the wonderful moments of the event and the guests’ love for Moutai.

The attendees not only enjoyed the exquisite taste of Moutai but also experienced the deep culture of Guizhou Moutai and the exceptional quality of the brand. This event was more than just a tasting; it was a cultural exchange and a showcase of brand value. We look forward to seeing Moutai continue to shine on the global stage, adding new chapters to the glorious history of Chinese baijiu.

Guests’ Group Photo
Guests’ Group Photo
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