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63rd “Sun Wen Guang Cup” Award Ceremony and 39th Council Inauguration

On June 27, 2024, the Singapore Xiangqi General Association held the 39th Inaugural Ceremony for its board of directors and the 63rd “Sun Wenguang Cup” National Individual Championship Awards Dinner at Millennium Hall (Farrer Park), attracting approximately 200 guests. This grand event was not only a significant occasion in the Xiangqi community but also marked the strategic collaboration between the Singapore Xiangqi General Association and Singapore China Baijiu company to jointly promote the “Chess and Baijiu” culture.

The dinner was a gathering of distinguished guests. Present were President Lin Guanhao, oath-taker Sun Jingtin, Honorary Life Presidents Charles Oon, Liang Peiling, and Liang Qiyun, former President Hong Zhentian, Vice Presidents Ou Mushun and Dr. Lin Chaoxian, along with representatives from major Chinese associations in Singapore and the Xiangqi community in Malaysia, all coming together to witness this significant moment. In his speech, President Lin Guanhao expressed that the achievements of the Xiangqi General Association today are due to the tremendous support from numerous enthusiastic individuals and organizations, and this is a blessing and a stroke of luck.

The 39th Board of Directors of the Singapore Xiangqi General Association

In his speech, Sun Jingtin outlined three major development directions for the Xiangqi General Association’s future: promoting Xiangqi culture, enhancing competitive standards, and expanding regional exchanges. In a solemn ceremony, 17 board members received their appointment certificates under the supervision of Sun Jingtin, pledging to contribute to the future development of Xiangqi. Following this, President Lin Guanhao awarded a “Certificate” to the newly appointed Honorary President Chen Xunguang and, together with three Vice Presidents of the Nanan Association, presented awards to the winners of the National Individual Championship in various categories. As Wu Zonghan had won the championship for three consecutive years, a special “Three-Time Champion” cup was awarded to him.

The dinner was not only a grand event for the Xiangqi community but also a charity fundraising activity. President Lin Guanhao successfully raised over 32,000 SGD through gift auctions and karaoke performances. At the end, all board members took to the stage for a toast, and Secretary-General Wu Hanting gave a thank-you speech, blessing the country with peace and prosperity, good weather, and the smooth development of the Xiangqi General Association with three loud “Yum Seng” cheers.

Mr. Sun Jingtin, the oath-taker, delivered a speech on stage.
President Lin Guanhao (left) presented the “Certificate” to Mr. Chen Xunguang, the newly appointed Honorary President (right).

Both Xiangqi and Chinese Baijiu are representatives of traditional Chinese culture. President Lin Guanhao also stated that the growth of Xiangqi cannot be separated from the support of various sectors of society, especially the strong support from Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd. The company will continue to support the Xiangqi cause in Singapore, contributing to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture. The combination of Xiangqi and Baijiu not only enriches the connotation of Xiangqi culture but also adds a unique charm to Xiangqi activities.

Culture knows no boundaries, and the fragrance of baijiu captivates the heart! Let us look forward to the further development of Xiangqi and Baijiu culture in Singapore, and together, write a new chapter in Chinese culture!

The guests enjoyed delicious food and baijiu, accompanied by laughter and lively conversation.
President Lin Guanhao (left) and Chairman Charles Oon (right) posing for a photo together.
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