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2024 Chinese New Year Banquet

On February 28th, 2024, the “祥龙迎嘉年 共创MEI未来” 2024 Chinese New Year Banquet hosted by Singapore China Baijiu at VOCO Orchard concluded successfully, with guests from all walks of life gathering together to celebrate the festival. The presence of distinguished guests from various sectors filled the venue with joy and harmony. Let us all enjoy this wonderful moment together and feel the joy and blessings of the New Year.

At the venue of this year’s Chinese New Year banquet, Singapore China Baijiu arranged a display of baijiu, showcasing various Moutai products, allowing everyone to gain a deeper understanding of the essence of the Moutai brand.

Other baijiu brands represented by Singapore China Baijiu were also showcased at the event. Additionally, a Moutai cocktail bar was set up to share the different possibilities of baijiu flavors. At the event, guests had the opportunity to delve into the charm of various Moutai series, and the specially crafted Moutai Mojito & Moutai Mimosa at the Moutai cocktail bar provided a unique experience of richness and surprise. May this event bring unforgettable tasting experiences to everyone and allow us to appreciate the charm and cultural heritage of Chinese baijiu together.

The banquet invited Mr. Zhou Yuyun, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, and Mr. Xiao Jianghua, Director of the China Cultural Center and the Tourism Office of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, to deliver speeches. In his remarks, Minister Counselor Zhou mentioned, “Baijiu, as a representative of Chinese liquor culture, has been involved in many touching stories of Chinese diplomacy. We also look forward to Mr. Yun’s use of liquor as a medium to catalyze a new chapter of Chinese-Singaporean friendship!” Singapore China Baijiu will continue to be a window for inheriting and showcasing traditional culture, building a bridge to convey new Chinese-Singaporean friendship.

During the banquet, guests were invited to offer their Chinese New Year blessings. With cheers of “ganbei” (bottoms up), the joy of the festival flowed through everyone’s hearts, intertwining with blessings to compose a beautiful prelude for the new year.

The banquet was filled with exciting activities. The LED dragon and lion dance kicked off the event in a spectacular manner, with dancers displaying graceful movements and exquisite skills, adding a festive touch. The appearance of God of Fortune holding golden ingots further heightened the excitement.

Singapore China Baijiu sincerely thanked everyone for their attendance and continuous support. With the most exciting programs, sincerest greetings, strongest aroma of liquor, and deepest blessings, we express our heartfelt wishes to everyone.

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