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31st Spring in the City

The 31st “Spring City Overflowing with Chinese Culture and Joyful Spring Festival” cultural, artistic, and tourism exhibition, organized by the Huaxia Cultural Hub, was successfully held on January 31st at School of the Arts Singapore.

The performance featured the Xu Zhou Han Music Ensemble, known for its creation of the Han Dynasty musical epic “Han Music Splendor.” Established in 2017, the Xu Zhou Han Music Ensemble is the youngest professional orchestra in Jiangsu Province. It is also the first professional music group in Jiangsu Province dedicated to the research, excavation, collection, organization, creation, and performance of Han Dynasty music.

“Han Music Splendor” is a collection of various musical works with distinct personalities and diverse forms. Opening with “Octet Ensemble,” the performance included pieces such as “The Siege of Gaixia” and “Song of the Great Wind.” Through a variety of ancient musical instruments such as the Huqin, Pan Flute, and Tao Flute, significant stories from the Han Dynasty history were integrated into the music.

The Xu Zhou Han Music Ensemble, dressed in Han Dynasty costumes and using reconstructed ancient instruments, combined music, dance, and ancient rituals to recreate the musical style of the Han Dynasty.

With their superb performance skills and profound understanding of traditional music, the Xu Zhou Han Music Ensemble interpreted each piece of music with vivid imagery and deep artistic conception, allowing the audience to feel as if they were immersed in the ancient Chinese civilization, experiencing the profound musical sentiment of antiquity.

As a Chinese Baijiu company, we deeply understand the importance of cultural exchange. In Singapore, we are not only committed to promoting traditional Chinese culture but also hope to present the most authentic and beautiful Chinese music to the local audience through such musical events. In the future, as the title sponsor, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd will continue to support Huaxia Cultural Hub, contribute to the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and Singapore through various cultural activities, and let more people understand and appreciate Chinese culture.

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