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The 2024 Moutai Heritage Conference and i Moutai’s Two-Year Online Anniversary Event

On May 19, 2024, a special event took place in Xiamen – the Moutai Heritage Conference. Moutai inheritors from different cities and countries gathered together, becoming a shining window into Moutai culture. The conference invited six inheritors to participate in the Moutai Youth Forum, including Mr. Oon Tian Aun David, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd.

Domestic inheritors emphasized the need to draw inspiration for Moutai culture from Moutai’s historical and broader Chinese traditional culture. They emphasized expanding cultural influence through integration and exchange. Foreign inheritors analyzed Moutai culture and marketing development from an international perspective, discussing the diversity of Moutai culture from the standpoint of international cultural identity. They actively explored ways to cater to local lifestyles and cultural positioning abroad, providing rich cases and experiences to enhance Moutai’s international influence.

Each inheritor’s sharing was filled with a fresh understanding of the ancient culture and a young yet firm sense of responsibility. They have made spreading Moutai culture a top priority, continuously exploring and practicing over the past few years, delivering a splendid answer for the innovation of Moutai culture inheritance and their own growth.

Moutai International Youth Exchange Conference

During the Moutai International Youth Exchange Dialogue, Wang Xiaowei, the Vice President of Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd expressed his hopes for the inheritors of Maotai both domestically and internationally. He stated that on May 19, 2022, Moutai enthusiasts collectively witnessed the launch of the i Moutai app, which, through relentless effort, has achieved significant results. This marks both an accomplishment and recognition. Faced with this achievement, we must maintain a clear mind and address the two major tasks Moutai currently faces: inheritance and innovation. Inheritance entails taking on the weighty responsibility from the older generation, continuing to promote Moutai’s excellent quality and cultural heritage. Innovation, on the other hand, requires exploring new fields and finding breakthroughs while building upon inheritance.

Wang Xiaowei emphasized that Moutai should not only focus on product quality and innovation but also on sustainable development and cultural confidence. As a treasure of Chinese national culture, Moutai carries millennia of history and cultural heritage. It needs to delve into cultural resources, allowing them to shine anew in the new era. Facing new challenges, Moutai must deeply understand market, consumer, and industry trends to find the most suitable development direction. At the same time, it must consider how to empower the Moutai brand, create more value, and rejuvenate the brand in the new era. As inheritors of Moutai, they must not only shoulder the responsibilities passed down by their predecessors but also bear the responsibilities of the times, telling the story of Moutai in the new era, inheriting Moutai culture, and tirelessly striving to make “Moutai, representing China, spreading fragrance around the world” a true example of cultural confidence.

Mr. Wang Xiaowei delivering a speech
Spectacular Performance of Passion Unleashed

As night fell, the evening of the i Moutai Brand Festival was as heartwarming and captivating as a fairy tale. The stage lights shimmered, blending with the cool sea breeze and the music played by the band, bringing joy to the soul. The first i Moutai Brand Festival focused on brand culture and lifestyle concepts, creating a “Moutai Holiday” scene and offering participants a feast of life aesthetics.

On the open square, young people immersed themselves in beloved music and dance, releasing their passion and vitality; groups of friends sat together, relaxed and joyfully sharing their life stories; at Xiao Mao’s birthday party, laughter never ceased, spreading warmth and happiness; and the dreamy implication of a beautiful life permeated the entire event, allowing people to find moments of peace and enjoyment amid their busy lives.

Master Mixologist’s Unique Performance
DJ leads the energetic party on the dance floor

This event, with its unique atmosphere and diverse content, attracted many Moutai enthusiasts and life pursuers, providing everyone with an unforgettable experience. Under the charm of the Moutai Brand Festival, people seemed to find a sanctuary for their souls, experiencing the beauty and warmth of life.

Participants sharing joyful moments up close
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