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2024 Moutai Tasting Dinner

On June 27, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd hosted a Moutai tasting dinner at the Orchard Hotel with the theme “Experience the Harmony of Nature and Humanity, Savor the Flavor of Moutai.”

Bartenders meticulously crafted two signature cocktails: the refreshing “Dream of Moutai” and the rich-flavored “Ice Blue Star.” Hostesses dressed in traditional Guizhou Miao costumes warmly welcomed the guests with friendly smiles and professional service, conveying the unique charm of Moutai to every attendee. The display of various Moutai series allowed guests to fully experience the superior quality of Moutai from both visual and taste perspectives.

The dinner was attended by over 70 guests, including industry leaders, senior corporate executives, media representatives, and Moutai experts. Guests raised their glasses frequently, took commemorative photos, and the atmosphere was harmonious and pleasant throughout the evening.

Moutai Series Exhibition Area

A highlight of the dinner was the Moutai tasting session. During the tasting, sommeliers guided guests through the process of observing the color, smelling the aroma, and tasting the flavor of the liquor. Guests carefully observed the color of the liquid, experienced the layers of aroma, and finally took small sips to savor the richness and length of Moutai.

The sommeliers also provided detailed explanations about the history, brewing process, and unique flavors of Moutai. This tasting session not only enhanced everyone’s understanding of Moutai but also allowed guests to appreciate its unique charm and profound culture in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Moutai Tasting Session
Sand Art Performance

Guests gathered in small groups, laughing and chatting enthusiastically. They raised their glasses in celebration, clinked them together, and posed for photos with smiles, holding their Moutai glasses high. The banquet hall was filled with cheerful conversations and laughter, creating a lively and warm atmosphere.

Each guest received a beautifully crafted keepsake—a miniature Moutai bottle keychain. The photos captured the wonderful moments of the event and the guests’ love for Moutai.

The attendees not only enjoyed the exquisite taste of Moutai but also experienced the deep culture of Guizhou Moutai and the exceptional quality of the brand. This event was more than just a tasting; it was a cultural exchange and a showcase of brand value. We look forward to seeing Moutai continue to shine on the global stage, adding new chapters to the glorious history of Chinese baijiu.

Guests’ Group Photo
Guests’ Group Photo

63rd “Sun Wen Guang Cup” Award Ceremony and 39th Council Inauguration

On June 27, 2024, the Singapore Xiangqi General Association held the 39th Inaugural Ceremony for its board of directors and the 63rd “Sun Wenguang Cup” National Individual Championship Awards Dinner at Millennium Hall (Farrer Park), attracting approximately 200 guests. This grand event was not only a significant occasion in the Xiangqi community but also marked the strategic collaboration between the Singapore Xiangqi General Association and Singapore China Baijiu company to jointly promote the “Chess and Baijiu” culture.

The dinner was a gathering of distinguished guests. Present were President Lin Guanhao, oath-taker Sun Jingtin, Honorary Life Presidents Charles Oon, Liang Peiling, and Liang Qiyun, former President Hong Zhentian, Vice Presidents Ou Mushun and Dr. Lin Chaoxian, along with representatives from major Chinese associations in Singapore and the Xiangqi community in Malaysia, all coming together to witness this significant moment. In his speech, President Lin Guanhao expressed that the achievements of the Xiangqi General Association today are due to the tremendous support from numerous enthusiastic individuals and organizations, and this is a blessing and a stroke of luck.

The 39th Board of Directors of the Singapore Xiangqi General Association

In his speech, Sun Jingtin outlined three major development directions for the Xiangqi General Association’s future: promoting Xiangqi culture, enhancing competitive standards, and expanding regional exchanges. In a solemn ceremony, 17 board members received their appointment certificates under the supervision of Sun Jingtin, pledging to contribute to the future development of Xiangqi. Following this, President Lin Guanhao awarded a “Certificate” to the newly appointed Honorary President Chen Xunguang and, together with three Vice Presidents of the Nanan Association, presented awards to the winners of the National Individual Championship in various categories. As Wu Zonghan had won the championship for three consecutive years, a special “Three-Time Champion” cup was awarded to him.

The dinner was not only a grand event for the Xiangqi community but also a charity fundraising activity. President Lin Guanhao successfully raised over 32,000 SGD through gift auctions and karaoke performances. At the end, all board members took to the stage for a toast, and Secretary-General Wu Hanting gave a thank-you speech, blessing the country with peace and prosperity, good weather, and the smooth development of the Xiangqi General Association with three loud “Yum Seng” cheers.

Mr. Sun Jingtin, the oath-taker, delivered a speech on stage.
President Lin Guanhao (left) presented the “Certificate” to Mr. Chen Xunguang, the newly appointed Honorary President (right).

Both Xiangqi and Chinese Baijiu are representatives of traditional Chinese culture. President Lin Guanhao also stated that the growth of Xiangqi cannot be separated from the support of various sectors of society, especially the strong support from Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd. The company will continue to support the Xiangqi cause in Singapore, contributing to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture. The combination of Xiangqi and Baijiu not only enriches the connotation of Xiangqi culture but also adds a unique charm to Xiangqi activities.

Culture knows no boundaries, and the fragrance of baijiu captivates the heart! Let us look forward to the further development of Xiangqi and Baijiu culture in Singapore, and together, write a new chapter in Chinese culture!

The guests enjoyed delicious food and baijiu, accompanied by laughter and lively conversation.
President Lin Guanhao (left) and Chairman Charles Oon (right) posing for a photo together.

Timeless Masterpieces Contemporary Chinese Art Through the Ages

On June 22, the “Timeless Masterpieces Contemporary Chinese Art Through the Ages,” generously sponsored by Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd., grandly opened at the New Art Museum.

The opening ceremony was filled with an atmosphere of elegance and art. Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd prepared Moutai cocktails, attracting artists and art enthusiasts alike. In this moment of cultural fusion, Moutai cocktails served as a catalyst, encouraging guests to engage in delightful conversations and enjoy a feast for both the senses and the spirit.

Cocktail bar

Mr. Koei Shiraishi, CEO of Whitestone Gallery, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, expressing high appreciation for the integration of baijiu culture and art. Pei Sian Ng, Principal Cellist of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and his partner, cellist Wang Yan, performed several classical pieces together, adding elegance and romance to the event with their melodious music.

The exhibition features eight Chinese artists from different generations and working with various media, showcasing numerous paintings and sculptures, as well as digital media experiences. Among them is Jiang Miao, widely known for her multi-layered flat creations over the years, who will unveil her first digital work created during her artistic journey. Another highlight is Yang Yongliang, who has consistently used mountains and urban architecture as elements in his work, and will present his latest narrative film, which exhibits a distinct style.

The sixth on the left: Mr. Koei Shiraishi, CEO of Whitestone Gallery
Baijiu moments at the art exhibition

At the event, the artists explained their creative concepts to Mr. Charles Oon, Chairman of Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd, and also engaged in lively conversations with each other.

By sponsoring this art exhibition, Moutai successfully integrated its brand with culture and art. This not only showcased its brand charm at high-end cultural events and enhanced its visibility in Singapore but also increased its exposure through media coverage and social media sharing. The word-of-mouth spread by visitors deeply ingrained the Moutai brand in people’s hearts, continually expanding its influence. This fusion of culture and brand not only enhanced consumer recognition and loyalty but also transformed Moutai into a symbol of lifestyle. Moutai became a cultural icon, creating an unforgettable feast alongside the art pieces.

Mr. Charles Oon chatting with the artists
Appreciating fine art
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