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Singapore Xiangqi General Association’s Triple Celebration Dinner

On 3 Aug, The Singapore Xiangqi General Association celebrated the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, and the 62nd Sun Wenguang Cup National Individual Tournament. Mr. Chan Soo Sen, Singapore’s former Minister of Education, was invited to the dinner.

President Lim Guan Hao delivered a speech in which he thanked the Permanent Honorary Presidents Mr. Charles Oon  for his generous sponsorship, which helped to make this day a huge success for the Singapore Xiangqi General Association.

Chinese Baijiu Culture Speech and Tasting Conference

On July 23rd, the Chinese Baijiu Culture Speech and Tasting Conference was held at the Singapore China Cultural Center, attended by Mr. Charles Oon, President of the Singapore Chinese Baijiu Association.
As the sponsor of the event, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd brought five brands – Moutai, Moutai Golf, Xi Jiu, Guojiao 1573 and Wuliangye – to the venue for a special display, to promote the traditional baijiu culture and convey the spirit of the brands.

The 3rd “Chan Soo Sen Cup” Racial Harmony Day Graphic Xiangqi Tournament

Sponsored by Moutai’s Singapore distributor, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd , and jointly organized by Singapore Xiangqi General Association and Bishan Community Club, the 3rd “Chan Soo Sen Cup” Racial Harmony Day Graphic Xiangqi Tournament came to an end on 22 July. Chinese baijiu not only contributed to the success of the tournament, but also built a platform to meet friends through baijiu, attracting more local friends to inherit and promote xiangqi culture and further understand Chinese Baijiu culture.


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