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Wuliangye overseas tasting event and investor symposium

On May 9th, a delegation of leaders from Wuliangye visited the Wuliangye flagship store in Singapore to explore the brand’s international appeal.

Mr. Charles Oon and Mr. Zhang Xin jointly lifted a ceramic plate adorned with Singaporean landmarks, symbolizing the friendship between Singapore andChina .

Mr. Charles Oon, Managing Director of Singapore China Baijiu Pte., Ltd., welcomed the delegation. Both parties discussed strategies and visions for the brand’s development, gaining a deeper understanding of the brand’s progress in overseas markets. Singapore China Baijiu Pte., Ltd. looks forward to working hand in hand with Wuliangye to create an even more brilliant future!

Deputy General Manager Zhang Xin and his delegation took a group photo with Mr. Charles Oon in front of the Wuliangye flagship store.

After the visit to the Wuliangye flagship store in Singapore, the overseas tasting event and investor symposium that evening became an even more memorable occasion. Guests gathered together to savor the essence of Wuliangye’s thousand-year history and rich culture. At the banquet, Mr. Zhang Xin, Party Committee Member, Vice General Manager, and Board Secretary of Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd., shared with the guests the long history of Wuliangye. He spoke about the inheritance and innovation of the brewing process. Through vivid stories and in-depth explanations, he provided everyone with a deeper understanding of the unique charm of Wuliangye, a national treasure brand.

In addition to the historical legacy, Mr. Zhang Xin also shared baijiu tasting techniques and experiences. He personally demonstrated how to taste different varieties of Wuliangye, evaluating the quality of the liquor based on aspects such as color, aroma, and taste. This was not only a baijiu tasting banquet but also an interactive experience about baijiu culture, allowing each guest to feel as if they were immersed in Wuliangye’s brewing workshop, experiencing the craftsmanship and tradition firsthand.

As the evening banquet drew to a close amidst laughter and joy, the spirit of Wuliangye left a profound impression on everyone’s hearts. At this moment transcending borders, the friendship between Wuliangye and Singapore reached a new level of elevation. The future cooperation promises to be even brighter, paving the way for a more glorious tomorrow together!

A specially customized bronze seal leaves a brand mark on Wuliangye cocktails.

2024 Mother’s Day Baking Event

On May 4th, Singapore China Baijiu Pte., Ltd. held a unique Mother’s Day parent-child baking event.

Under the theme of “Warm May, Grateful Mother’s Day”, 12 groups of parent-child pairs participated hand in hand, exploring the joy of baking together. Children demonstrated excellent hands-on skills and unique imagination, gaining a deeper understanding of their mothers’ efforts through such activities. The entire event was filled with innocent smiles from children and hopeful eyes from parents. Each parent-child duo decorated their handmade cakes with different embellishments: colorful candies, vibrant fruits, and frosting filled with blessings. These cakes were not only enthusiastic expressions but also heartfelt interpretations of maternal love and gratitude.

As powdered sugar flew, it wasn’t just the cakes taking shape, but also the sublimation of affection. Just as the event’s title sponsor, “Wuliangye”, has persevered through the years, adhering to the harmony and beauty of Chinese culture. Maternal love, like the fragrance of Wuliangye, is rich and profound. Just as every drop of baijiu carries the traces of time, a mother’s love permeates countless days and nights of care and dedication, forever emanating boundless warmth and strength.

We sincerely thank every family who participated in the event. It is your support and enthusiastic participation that filled the event with vitality and vigor. Once again, we wish all mothers around the world a happy Mother’s Day! May we forever cherish the warmth of family and create more beautiful memories together.

China Moutai, a beauty shared worldwide. Relish in the Mei of Moutai, and experience the exquisite charm of Chinese Baijiu through Moutai ice cream and liquor-filled chocolate.

Hey guys I’m here at the 4th China international Consumer Products Expo which is being held in Haikou the capital of south China’s Hainan Province.

The expo has provided excellent opportunities for global companies to explore the Chinese market and products. So we get to experience global cultures and styles here where innovation meets tradition in a dazzling showcase of products.

Again, this venue is super large. A lot of walking today as well. I am looking for a snack or something to give myself a treat.

Wow so this is the Moutai ice cream. It does have some Chinese liquor flavor in it.

‘This is my first time to taste the Moutai ice cream.’

‘The you can also taste our liquor-filled chocolates.’

This is the classic series of our brand, the Feitian Moutai. Next we can see a series of zodiac-themed liquors that Moutai has launched. It incorporates the culture of five elements and the twelve Chinese zodiac animals and integrates Chinese ink painting and calligraphy into the design. This year is ‘the Year of the Loong’ and this is the zodiac-themed liquor of ‘the Year of the Loong’. Loong represents nobleness, elegance and fortune.

‘It smells quite strong and unique.’

‘Moutai Baijiu possesses a unique aroma and taste distinct from other Baijiu products. Moutai Baijiu users red tassels, sorghum, wheat and water as raw materials. It takes at least five years from the time the raw materials enter the factory to the time. The product is produced and needs 5 major techniques, 30 stages and 165 steps.

Moutai Group has constructed the Moutai Sanya Haitang Bay Resort in Sanya. A beautiful coastal town of Hainan. It’s said that they are exploring a new development model of ‘integration of liquor and tourism’, thus forming a new consumption scenario and a comprehensive consumer ecosystem, which also reveals the resilience and vitality the country’s consumer market. Such a combination of art, nature and culture. This place provides a glimpse into the Eastern way of life and aesthetics.

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