Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass – Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd

Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass

The Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass was successfully held on September 18th at the Soi Social at Resorts World Sentosa. Senior management from RWS F&B department participated in this masterclass. The tasting event introduced the background of baijiu, the brewing process, and tasting techniques, guiding participants on how to observe the liquor’s color, smell its aroma, taste its flavors, and evaluate the mouthfeel and aftertaste of the liquor. This Sentosa Baijiu Culture & Tasting Masterclass created an elegant, professional, and enjoyable atmosphere, providing participants with a deep understanding and appreciation of baijiu.

On the long table, exquisite glasses and tasting notes were set up, and the restaurant was filled with the unique aroma of baijiu. Five different types of baijiu were presented one by one, and participants savored them carefully, tasting their rich flavors and aromas, recording their own observations and impressions, and sharing them with each other. This facilitated a deeper understanding of baijiu and increased engagement in the tasting event.

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