Singapore Xiangqi General Association’s 85th Anniversary Banquet

Singapore Xiangqi General Association held its 85th Anniversary Banquet last Friday, 29th November 2019. The Mayor of the North West Community Development Council and a member of parliament representing the Bukit Panjang Single Member Constituency – Dr Teo Ho Pin (Fig 1, right) presided the opening ceremony. Other VIP guests are the former member of parliament and Honorary Advisor of Singapore Xiangqi General Association – Mr Chan Soo Sen (Fig 2, right) and the Permanent Honorary President – Mr Charles Oon. The banquet dinner was filled with people from different walks of life and it was such a lively night! The President – Mr Lin Guanhao (Fig 5) and the Vice President – Mr Ou Mushun (Fig 6) of Singapore Xiangqi General Association hosted the event wonderfully.

Mr Charles Oon, the Permanent Honorary President of Singapore Xiangqi General Association managed to bid for a fine calligraphy piece “Tiandao Reward” written by the President of Singapore Xiangqi General Association, Mr Lin Guanhao, showing his support towards Mr Lin’s future developments. We love to spread the joy with everyone through Wuliangye! We all wish Singapore Xiangqi General Association a Happy 85th Anniversary. Chinese chess and China baijiu are both important elements of Chinese culture. Let’s look forward and continue to promote the Chinese culture in Singapore!