✨Wuliangye 2019 “Lion City 2nd Xiangqi Tournament”✨ ended successfully.

✨ Wuliangye 2019 “Lion City 2nd Xiangqi Tournament” ✨ ended successfully. The prestigious Wuliangye  complementing the Chinese chess was definitely a perfect match! This tournament was to promote & raised public awareness to the wide range of Chinese cultures and we will plan more of such events in the future and give back to the community.

The tournament lasted for the whole day with a total of 7 rounds and finally the best Chinese chess player has emerged.

To show our appreciation for Mr. Lin Guanhao, the President of Singapore Xiangqi General Association, our Managing Director – Mr. Charles Oon presented a Certificate of Appreciation and a calligraphy art piece to Mr. Lin. (Fig. 1 & 2) Congratulations to the top 8 winners! Chinese chess is a board game that everyone can play regardless of age. Let’s all look forward to our future chess competitions!

China Baijiu Tasting Session. After a full day of stressful competition, we offered the adult players Wuliangye baijiu to sip & taste, right after the award ceremony! Everyone held up their glasses and gave a toast, many of them couldn’t stop praising Wuliangye’s special aroma and smooth taste. The senior adult chess players even had more than a glass, chatting happily among themselves.