2019 Gansu-Jiangsu Cultural Exchange Tour 🎉 Day 2 🎉

Rise and shine! We went to visit one of Lanzhou’s most famous attractions “Zhongshan Bridge” – it was the first bridge that was built in 1909 across the Yellow River. After this, we got to try the well-known Lanzhou beef noodle at ‘Anboer Restaurant’. According to the locals, they have to eat Lanzhou beef noodles almost every day! 

Later in the evening, we arrived at Wuwei city and attended “The 9th China Hexi Corridor Organic Wine Festival”. Wine experts from all over the world came for this event to taste the wine produced in this region. Our Managing Director, Mr. Charles Oon received a warm welcome and gracious hospitality from Vice Governor of Gansu Provincial People’s Government – Mr Zhang Shizhen (Fig 1 centre and Fig 2 right) and Gansu Provincial Wine Bureau Directors – Director Chen (Fig 2, second left) and Director Shen (Fig 3, second left).