“Say Hi” with Moutai on this National Day

Singapore Moutai Baijiu Pte Ltd have prepared and are ready to celebrate with everyone on this eve of National Day. The “Say Hi with Moutai” event will be held simultaneously at the Marina Bay Seafood restaurant, Chuan Yuan restaurant and Xie Lao Song restaurant. Come and “Say Hi” with us and we hope to have an enjoyable time together!



At Marina Bay Seafood restaurant which was located at the,Boat Quay, the visitors from all over the world were enthusiastic over our Moutai baijiu. Many glasses were consumed and many photos were snapped for memories purposes.The giant Moutai bottle standee was popular with many shutterbug too. This wonderful special night will long be remembered for a long time.



The aromatic fragrance of the China national liquor filled the air while the Moutai baijiu tasting event was held at Marina Seafood restaurant located at the Boat Quay. Very happy to know that many people like the taste of our Moutai baijiu.




At the Chuan Yuan restaurant, we received many Moutai baijiu enthusiasts who took the initiative to be there and participated in the event. The aromatic fragrance of Moutai baijiu will lingers on in your sleep.


Seeing so many people heartily drinking Moutai baijiu outside Chuan Yuan restaurant, you will also feel the urge to give thumbs up to this fragrant baijiu too.


Together with the Moutai baijiu, there were also some Chinese finger food to complement the drinks. This was the scene at Xie Lao Song restaurant. Moutai baijiu was well loved by the international friends and to some of the passers-by who are new to this baijiu, were game to try the baijiu on the spot. There was a British tourist who wanted to bring bottles of Moutai baijiu back for his family and friends as gifts.


Moutai baijiu with its strong fragrant odour , smooth and mystic mellow taste, captured the wildest imaginations of all. Even the Russian friends remarked that Moutai was undisputedly China’s national liquor. Interestingly, Xie Lao Song’s mala spicy crayfish with Moutai baijiu was popular among the international tasters.



Bakalaki Greek Taverna

It is the birthday month of Singapore. A few years back, the country probably saw just a handful of new restaurant openings every month.

Now, there are new restaurants and cafes almost every single day. A sign of progress and fickle-changing-minds. The good thing is, we are starting to see more specialty shops with some character rather than those which sell everything under the sky.

Bakalaki Greek Taverna



                              Bakalaki Greek Taverna

BAKALAKI offers the best from regional producers, as the traditional ingredients are sourced from authentic Greek suppliers. Taking pride in their culinary traditions, the restaurant also serves authentic seafood specialities from the Mediterranean basin that are loved by generations.

Known primarily for its rich food offering, the Greek countryside is home to some of the most sought after grapes. BAKALAKI takes a pride in serving a unique selection of Greek wines and beers, further enhancing an authentic Mediterranean experience.

BAKALAKI makes you feel like in the land of the Mediterranean once you step in (if you ignore the noises of the nearby traffic).

The interior is warm and welcoming, reminiscent of a traditional Greek home designed by award-winning Greek designer Dimitris Economou.

Some of the recommended include Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt, $14.90), Spanakopita (Greek Filo Pastry $15.90), Moussaka (Minced Beef Casserole $25.90), Beef Souvlaki (Beef Skewers, $18.90) , Paidakia (Grilled Lamb Chops, $32.90), Htapodi (Grilled Octopus, $32.90), Mixed Grill Fish & Seafood Platters ($118.90), ending with desserts of Baklava (Filo Pastry, $14.90), and Loukoumades (Greek Doughnuts, $14.90).

Address: 3 Seng Poh Rd Singapore 168891
Opening Hours: 6:00PM – 12:00AM (Mon – Thurs),
6:00PM– 1:00AM (Fri – Sun)

website: https://bakalaki.com/



Customer Loyalty Program Rewards

As part of our Customer Loyalty program, we are pleased to present “Ladies Purple Phoenix Orchestra” concert tickets to our customers! Concert tickets were sponsored by the Singapore China Baijiu Association(Singapore).




















































Congratulations To Chinese Swimming Club Badminton Team

The Inter Club Masters Badminton League had its grand opening at the Singapore Swimming Club last night. The first game kicked off with the Chinese Swimming Club (CSC) members wearing uniforms sponsored by Wu Liang Ye. With the support of our MD, Mr Charles Oon, and the crowd, CSC were able to win their first match! Congratulations to them and we look forward to more magnificent performances!