An interview with Mr Wang Hong Bo

We have the great pleasure to have the opportunity to interview the Luzhou Laojiao Director, Deputy General Manager and Board Secretary Mr Wang Hong Bo. His interviews give us a lot of benefits and insights, by listening to him the overseas distributors will gain valuable experience and wisdom! For details, please visit “Xin Zhong You Xia ”Wechat official account for upcoming Guojiao news and videos. Continue to keep an eye on our Wechat moments as we will open the doors of Luzhou Laojiao for everyone!


An exciting meet up with Luzhou Laojiao company

Mr Charles Oon with the delegation from the Singapore Baijiu Company and Chinese Baijiu Association (Singapore) met up with old friends from the Luzhou Laojiao company. Coincidentally the day of our arrival was also the Six Six innovation trail of the Luzhou Laojiao stock market. We are so happy to celebrate the “six”. Cheers for the Guojiao 1573!