Kweichow Moutai Mid-Autumn Celebrations

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Kweichow Moutai Mid-Autumn Celebrations

To celebrate this year’s Autumn Festival, a dance & song variety show aptly named – the Kweichow Moutai Mid-Autumn Celebrations, was held at the Club De Zara on 27 September, located in Textile Centre at Jalan Sultan Road.

It was organized by the Singapore Moutai Baijiu Pte Ltd and in line with the company’s mission to develop the China baijiu culture in Singapore, many more of such Moutai variety shows will be organized at different night entertainment outlets, on a monthly basis.

The unique and innovative Kweichow Moutai Mid- Autumn Celebrations has created a distinct buzz in the entertainment industry. Hundreds of guests and visitors made prior reservations for the limited seats at the Club De Zara and even on the night itself, hundreds of guests had to watch the performances standing. The performers staged a marvelous well-choreographed variety show. There were excellent modern and classical dance & song gigs, games such as identifying the Moutai baijiu from several glasses of other baijiu and many other games with mysterious gifts.

The atmosphere in Club De Zara was so warm & special that even the performers claimed that it was the first time that they had such an experience in their years in Club De Zara. Some of the interviewed guests said that this event was great and welcomed more of such initiatives. For that particular evening, they felt that it had provided more choices to on how to spend the traditional Mid-Autumn celebrations. And a guest from China was so happy that he could drink Moutai baijiu to celebrate Mid-autumn while being out of China.

The slogan for the night was – “ I love Moutai, Moutai loves me “. The Singapore Moutai Baijiu Pte Ltd hope that with China national liquor brand Moutai leading the way, the China baijiu culture will soon become a part of the Singapore way of life.

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