Father’s Day 2022: Fly A Kite – Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd

Father’s Day 2022: Fly A Kite

To celebrate Father’s Day with an awesome day of fun activities for Dad and the whole family, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd and Singapore Mountai has organised a kite flying event at Marina Barrage. Besides rediscovering the joy of kite flying, this activity also provided an opportunity to let the child and the father open their hearts, spend time together and dedicate a different kind of love to the father.

There are 3 groups of families that participated in the event. The balmy morning breeze marked the start of the day. Every kites are unique and meaningful as they are the art work of both the father and child.

The father acted as “launcher” holding the kite and the son was the “flier” flying the kite. Many hands made the work light. The kites soared in the blue sky. There’s nothing better than the cool breeze beating on their faces while they run through an open field flying a kite.

Staying involved with the family can help develop stronger bonds and foster warmth, protection and love, as well as emotions of belonging. After that, the families gathered for a picnic, the perfect ending to the joyous day.

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