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Dragon Boat Festival, Making Rice Dumplings 2022

The Dragon Boat Festival is our Chinese important traditional festival. In order to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival and promote traditional Chinese culture, Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd and Moutai has organized a dumpling making session. More than 10 people from different age groups gathered together to make dumplings.

Many people present had eaten rice dumplings, but most of them made zongzi for the first time. Organiser has invited experienced chef to guide them. Folding zong leaves, filling glutinous rice, filling ingredients, wrapping leaves and tying zong thread. In a short while, lovely rice dumplings were born. There are various types of wrapped rice dumplings, including triangular, quadrangular, and shapeless rice dumplings. Looking at the rice dumplings of different shapes, there was constant laughter at the scene.

By making rice dumplings by themselves, everyone can feel the connotation of traditional Chinese festivals more truly ! In such a relaxed way, further exercise the people, especially youngster’s hands-on ability.

One of the youngster who participated in making rice dumplings said that through this kind of activity, they not only inherited the traditional skills, but also felt the strong festive atmosphere, which is very meaningful.

This activity made everyone understand and learn the methods and techniques of making zongzi in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. It arouses everyone’s attention and interest in traditional festivals. This event vigorously promoted the excellent traditional culture of the nation and everyone enjoyed the process of making rice dumplings.

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