The 2020 Wuliangye Overseas Distributors’ Convention and Dinner

[The 2020 Wuliangye Overseas Distributors’ Convention and Dinner] This is a major event that we look forward to every year. We would like to thank Wuliangye Group for the perfect arrangement. To be able to represent Singapore at this global convention and to learn from the other Wuliangye overseas distributors, we felt immensely honoured. For the upcoming year, we will continue to work hard and strive for greater heights. Wuliangye –  a World-class Wuliangye.

We were delighted to have met these VIPs again at the event, Mr. Li Shuguang (Fig 2, middle) – the Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuliangye Group, Mr. Wang Ping (Fig 3, left) – the Chairman of Wuliangye Import/Export Group, Mr. Zeng Congqin (Fig 3, middle) – the General Manager of Wuliangye Group and Mr. Zhong Qinling (Fig 5, middle) – the Deputy General Manager of Wuliangye Import/Export Group. Everyone has the same passion and enthusiasm about Chinese baijiu (white spirit), with Wuliangye’s strong support, we believe that in 2020 we can further expand the market and promote the brand of Wuliangye to the world.