[The 1st Qianxi Charity Singing Contest Finals] was a huge success!

[The 1st Qianxi Charity Singing Contest Finals]. The Executive Chairman of Singapore People’s Association and once served as the Chief of Staff in the Army – Mr. Chen Guo Ming (Fig. 1 left), Chairman of Singapore Enterprise Corporation – Mr. You Dixiang (Fig. 2 left) and President of Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kuan – Mr. He Guocai (Fig. 3 left) and together with Mr. Charles Oon attended the event to support the development of Chinese culture in Singapore.

[The 1st Qianxi Charity Singing Contest Finals] was a huge success! Other than the different teams helping out for the charity dinner, they had also invited professional singers and judges! They invited Mr. Chen Jianbing (Fig. 9), a very famous Singaporean artist, to be thehost for the singing contest.

Room filled with masters! Singapore really has a lot of talented people, the singers who entered into the finals were all skillful. Not just the singing skills, the singers also sang with their emotions. We wish all of them the best in their future endeavors.

[The 1st Qianxi Charity Singing Contest Finals] Award Ceremony.Mr. Charles Oon received a trophy of appreciation to commemorate the effort of promoting Chinese culture and doing charity in Singapore. We would like to congratulate Mr. Chen Risheng (Fig. 7 second left) to win the championship title with the song ‘Wandering’ (流浪记). Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd gave out 3 China baijiu hampers to three lucky guests for the night.

National Cellar 1573 Baijiu Cocktail 🍸 Many guests were surrounding our Baijiu Cocktail bar, tasting the unique flavour of China baijiu cocktails! The China baijiu hampers adorned the stage and looked very attractive!