2019 Gansu-Jiangsu Cultural Exchange Tour🎉 Day 7 🎉

We visited Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery at their Cultural Tourism Zone featuring the historic millennium liquor town. The most impressive has got to be the century-old underground baijiu cellar, which originated since the Ming and Qing dynasties, you can even smell the fragrance from this ancient baijiu! Thanks to Jiangsu Yanghe Company International Trading Dept – Mr. Hu Bing for giving us a tour around the famous spots. 

 We arrived at the luxurious Huaiyang Cuisine Cultural Museum to have a taste of the famous Huaiyang cuisine. Thanks to Mr. Wang Jinlei from Guolian Group for being such a great host and brought us around the city. He also arranged professional Guzheng musicians from Shanghai, as well as singers and dancers for the performance. Pingqiao Tofu was the highlight dish of the night as it was a national banquet dish back in Qianlong Palace. We had the privilege to try the dish all thanks to Mr. Wang and with this, our trip was concluded perfectly with food and baijiu.