2019 Gansu-Jiangsu Cultural Exchange Tour 🎉 Day 4 🎉

We left Gansu on the following night. We would like to thank the Vice Governor of Gansu Provincial People’s Government – Mr Zhang Shizhen (Fig 1/2/3/4 centre and Fig 5 second left) and also Gansu Provincial Wine Bureau Director – Mr Chen Pu (Fig 6, left) for acknowledging the effort by Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd and of course the warm hospitality. Congratulations to the success of “The 9th China Hexi Corridor Organic Wine Festival” once again! Gansu is the place of gems, we believe it will continue to prosper!

We have witnessed the “China Liangzhou Wine Renaissance Promotion Inaugural Meeting”, Gansu Huangtai Liquor launched Huangtai wine and baijiu (white spirit). Thanks to Mr. Zhao Haifeng – the Chairman of Huangtai Liquor for inviting us to attend the event. People in China says “There is Moutai in the South and Huangtai in the North”, this time we saw the distinctive branding of Huangtai Liquor. We would also like to thank the Sales Director of Huangtai Liquor – Mr. Bai Liqun (Fig 4, left) for introducing the history of Huangtai Liquor in detail so that we can have a better understanding of it. Not to mention that Huangtai Liquor was once awarded the Panama Gold Award too!

We made a valuable visit to the headquarter of Huangtai Liquor and the Sales Director – Mr Bai Liqun (Fig 1, right) patiently explained the history of Huangtai Liquor, the baijiu making process and the baijiu storage tips. We were really grateful by their gracious hospitality. Our team from Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd wished prosperity to Huangtai Liquor! We will not hesitate to help to promote Huangtai Liquor when they are doing such a good marketing job!

In 1994, Huangtai Liquor was awarded the 2nd Panama Special Gold Award for “Liangzhou Huangtai Liquor”. The “42 degrees 窖底原浆12皇台酒” won the gold medal in the 2019 Belgium International Spirits Competition (Fig 3). We . Weed Mr. Zhao Haifeng, the Chairman of Huangtai Liquor (Fig 1 left) great success for the future!

We would like to thank the Deputy Mayor of Wuwei city People’s Government – Mr. Wang Yan (Fig 1 right and Fig 2 left) and Gansu Provincial Wine Bureau Director – Mr. Chen Pu (Fig 3, third from left, Fig 4 left) for organizing a farewell dinner for our Managing Director, Mr. Charles Oon. We couldn’t bear to leave Wuwei city especially after tasting the local delicacies paired with China baijiu. Looking forward to the next time we meet! 

 The one thing that is closely related to China baijiu would be the bottle. A good China baijiu needs to be preserved in fine and sturdy pottery. Thanks to Mr. Man from Pukang Group for taking us to visit the ceramic processing factory in Wuwei city. An exquisite bottle is able to give personality to the China baijiu 

 What an eye-opener! Mr. Man and Mr. Wang from Pukang Group invited our Managing Director, Mr. Charles Oon and our team to visit the ”Pukang Liquor Cultural Museum”. The basement keeps a lot of premium liquor and authentic potteries from Xixia to Qing dynasties! The first and second floors are the tasting halls for China baijiu and tea respectively. Being in the same industry, we should learn from it how to better preserve and promote China’s beautiful culture. Once again, thank you Pukang Group for your gracious hospitality.