MWH Medical Centre Industry Networking Event

[MWH Medical Centre Industry Networking Event] As Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, MWH Medical Centre specially held a Medical Industry Networking Event and had invited Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd for a Baijiu Tasting session. Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd adhered  to the Managing Director, Mr Charles Oon’s drive to turn “白酒-BAIJIU” into a significant label globally.We prepared some fun facts and videos for the guest to further understand about China baijiu. Hope that each time we explained and educate the public, China baijiu would gain more awareness and the next time when they think of alcohol they would think of China baijiu. 

 After listening to the sharing session of China baijiu, everyone was eager to taste the 3 different brands of baijiu. Of course, we taught the guests  the 5 steps of baijiu tasting – Calm, Look, Smell, Taste, Reflect. The guests were amazed to appreciate China baijiu in this way! They were chatting with each other about how they felt and what they have learnt from the tasting session. Kudos to Singapore China Baijiu! 

 Everyone raised their crystal clear baijiu glass and watched how the alcohol trinkled down its side like a teardrop. Based on the 5 steps of baijiu tasting, the audience slowly went through the steps of baijiu tasting. Appreciating alcohol is just like life, different people will get different feelings and enlightenment depends on their own experiences.