Asia Pacific Bartender of the Year Cocktail Competition

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Asia Pacific Bartender of the Year Cocktail Competition

The Asia Pacific Bartender of the Year Cocktail Competition, held by Association for Bartenders and Sommeliers (Singapore), ended on Wednesday, 1st August 2012 at the Furama RiverFront Hotel. This competition have two categories which includes the ” Creative Cocktail ” and ” Flairing Bartending Skills”. The contestants are from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea , Bulgaria, Italy and 14 other countries.

Mr. Hsu Po-sheng from Taiwan appeared in a Spiderman costume and brought us a cocktail named ” Golden Year ” which was a blend of gin, vermouth and citrus. He won the ” Flairing Bartending Skills” with his marvelous skill and creative idea. A female bartender from Japan won the top place of “Creative Cocktail”.

Singapore Moutai Baijiu Pte Ltd also attended the banquet dinner where the CEO Mr. Charles Oon had further conversations with the international bartenders about the Moutai baijiu and even cheered for them during the competition. After the awarding ceremony, we toasted glass with Moutai baijiu which stands for congratulations and success to the winning bartenders and further shared with them the unique after taste of Moutai baijiu.

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